From Tiny Seed

As I’ve grown older my sense of time has sped up.
Seasons pass so quickly now I can see trees grow.
From tiny seed a slender stem wriggles out of the soil and begins a life long race for the sun.
Ever following its lead whorls of limbs unfurl in sprays of bright green foliage.
Bows grow long, heavy and begin to droop.
Rings of trunk-wood transcend into mighty trunks.
Bark thickens and ruptures into fissures, and roots heave the surface of the ground.
Shaped and strengthened by wind young tops round into domes.
Where cones are born, mature, dry and shatter, casting their seed to fate.
Living, breathing, quite noble beings.
These trees grow to become giants before me – And sporting such fine adornments of moss, lichen and ferns, nodding and creaking, reaching dizzying heights and living as old as the pyramids.
Alas, with life’s miracle comes its ultimate price.
Without reflection or any regrets every tree will relinquish its stand and wither back into the air and soil from whence they came.

And lo… they will rise again! Over and over… It’s what they do the best!