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California’s  Premier Redwood Parks

If you’re planning a visit to see the California redwoods then come prepared by knowing where the finest groves are, the roads, trails and access points. I guarantee these essays will be your best guide to planning your visit, and make it more enjoyable and memorable, and ultimately save you time and money, by being prepared. Plus you get the books.

Humboldt Redwoods

Avenue of the Giants

Prairie Creek

National and State Parks

Jedediah Smith

National & State Parks

Navarro Redwoods

From the Ashes of Clear-cut Logging

California’s Premier Redwood Parks is a four-part series featuring the top five old-growth redwood parks in full living color, and one less familiar second-growth redwood park – Navarro.

1. Humboldt Redwoods   2. Prairie Creek Redwoods    3. Del Norte Redwoods  4. Jedediah Smith Redwoods   5. Redwood National Park    6. Navarro Redwoods

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Fundamentals of General Tree Work

As a working foreman on a line clearance crew in the mid 1970s a big part of my job was teaching young men how to climb and work in trees safely — in the vicinity of crackling high-voltage power-lines. It was dangerous work. Employee turnover was high, unfortunately, and it wasn’t seeming I spent so much time training young men the same things over and over. I was a teacher. Training became repetitive and eventually structured, and in the summer of 1978 I figured I might as well write a book about tree work. And sure enough 18 years later in the fall of 1996 the Fundamentals of General Tree Work debuted at the Tree Care Industry Trade Show in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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